Monday, October 02, 2006


We've now lived here three months. More than any other move we've made, this has been easy. The weather, the terrain, having lots of people in town who are old friends--all of this has made it a good move. It's a move that's felt like a settling-in (even though major portions of our lives are still up in the air. DH is just now working into fuller-time work; we're in a rental house.)

Most of this feeling of being somewhere that "fits" is because of the geography, but not all. I wondered today if I'm finally growing up, just a little bit--if I'm becoming just a little bit more accepting of things, a little bit more able to simply enjoy these rich, wonderful, ordinary days. It's easy for me to just drift; I like life, a lot, and I'm generally (generally) happy where I am. This place feels like one we could be rooted in for a long time, and I want to be rooted in other less tangible ways as well. Moving shouldn't be *only* about changing location, should it?

It's just so strange to think that a year ago we were visiting a pumpkin patch in Midwest State, with no real inkling of where we'd be in a year!


Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

I'm so so so glad that this move has been positive in many ways... esp because it's been more important than you thought a year ago to be out west now. It feels like you really are closer even though we haven't visited yet! Yay for that! (for the feeling, not for not visiting yet!)

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