Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Having nothing of value to write about, LCS posts anyway

Since my dear sister is being so tightlipped about her Barack-in' experience (get it??), I'll just cover that post. Additionally, I have nothing of any intellectual value to add to these internets, (get your shocked self off of the floor, reader!) however I can't stop from sharing anyway.

Boy #1's preschool had a free vision test courtesy of our local Lions club. I asked him what the lady said about his eyes, and he said (in all seriousness), "Oh, they were mostly clean except for a little dust right here" (pointing to the outside corner of his eye). So I guess that's good.

In other health related news, the great Golden State is now requiring all kindergartners to have a dental exam prior to school*. That seems a little weird. I mean, I'm all for clean teeth, and I'm lucky enough to have a 4-year old who LOVES our wonderful tooth doctor, but is it really necessary to go to school with dentist approved teeth? That kinda sorta seems over the top. Reader? What thinkst thou?
*There is a waiver but there has to be a medical reason why you didn't have the kiddo's teeth looked at by a professional.

My mom is coming to visit for a week, starting in 108 hours. The kids are excited, but I'm simply over the moon!! Conversation with another adult for more than 2 days a week! Another person to distract screaming banshees who only scream when a telephone must be answered! Someone to push the swings! To get kids into carseats! To go grocery shopping! To... I'll stop. But you catch my drift. It's like a week of having a nanny who actually is in love with your kids. Fan-tastic.

I keep having this thing where I read a really, really good book and then can't remember what it was about or the author or the title. So know that I read a really good book last week. But I do remember (after pondering this for some time now) that it was called *Symphony* and I have no idea who the author was. It was about Hector Berlioz (a Romantic composer) (that's a composer from the Romantic Period, not some guy who writes love songs) and how he married an actress (which was a scandalous move in the 1800's in France) and how his life unfolded. I found it really interesting and a fun read. (The author's name just came to me, it is Jude Something. Not Jude Law, although that would really have caught my eye. Jude Morton maybe?? Ah, well, it'll come to me.) And I guess it officially makes me a nerd if I completely got sucked into a book about a guy who composes symphonies.

And now, for the biggest news in our house!!!!! I've saved the best for last in this post!
Ladies and Gentlemen, WE NOW OWN A DISHWASHER!!!!
(drumroll and ecstatic cheers)
Yep, that's right. For two years now, I've been earning these dishpan hands, and now dinner cleanup takes about 10 minutes. I seriously should have written commercials for these handy devices in the 1950's, because I tell you, a dishwasher is just about the 8th wonder of the world if you ask me. Amazing. I'm not even as annoyed when there are five sippy cups on the kitchen table and two kids with cups in their hands. This thing rocks! The other cool thing about it is that the kid at Best Buy who sold it to us (who I daresay was about 12) gave us a discount since his dad and my DH work together, so we got it for under 300 clams! Then we had to have our 1967 house plumbed and wired for it, which didn't even take much more effort than we thought, and voila! LCS's family has officially entered the new millenium. (Actually, I think it's more like we entered the old one, but better late than never, right?!) Now if only someone could invent a bathroomwasher. That would completely rock my world!
In conclusion, my husband would like you to notice that this post is an example of me having nothing to say. And he has chosen to stay married to me for over 7 years. That he will put up with me is amazing. The 9th wonder of the world, he is, right behind the dishwasher.


Blogger swissmiss said...

I am completely with you sister. After coming back from a brief stay in a cabin that did not have electricity, I was overheard saying (for maybe one month afterward) 'wow, I just LOVE this dishwasher, isn't it amazing? Have I ever mentioned that before?' And they would roll their eyes, because of course they had heard me say it before. Another thing that I finally have is a dryer, yes, I said a dryer. Now that may seem like something as logical to own as a toothbrush, but in this country it is not. EVERYONE hangs their stuff out. It is bad for the fibers of the clothes you know. Not to mention the cost of running the thing. So when my DH mentioned that one way we could cut costs was by me hanging out laundry instead of using the dryer, I confessed to prefering the sale of my very practical van rather than curtailing the use of said machine. Neither has happened so far which makes me wonder if he was just pulling my leg in the first place. I guess you are not the only long-winded one...this has turned into a more than one sentance response. You lucky gal, your mom is coming. I love it when my mom comes for the exact same reasons that you mentioned. Actually, my mom IS coming, bringing my dad and staying for a month. I am very excited!

8:21 AM  
Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

No dryer would likely drive me to an early grave. I hate to say how non-pioneer-womanlike I am. What about in the winter over there? Do your clothes freeze? And really, why protect the fibers, by the time they wear out they don't fit or are ridiculously out of style anyway, right??

10:38 AM  
Blogger prrrof said...

My sister makes me laugh, which is very very good for me. I love people who can talk. Can anyone tell she's right up there with the best of 'em? We come from a long line of coffee-and-chatters...our own mother's been known to come home from a lunch with friends at 9 *p.m.*. Just couldn't get everything in over a quick lunch hour/afternoon/evening!

So, I love this, and thanks for making me smile today.

11:47 AM  
Blogger si said...

not sure if i've posted before (maybe i did a while back) -- just wanted to let you know i've enjoyed your posts. you make me laugh -- even (or especially) when you have nothing to say!

i also share the phenomenon of not remembering books i've read (author/title/theme/ending). i'm like that about movies too. i read quite a bit and watch quite a few movies -- for all the good it does because i really don't remember them. our friend, bryan torre, is always quoting me lines from movies, and even though i've seen the movie in question, i cannot recall the particular line (or hardly anything else about it except for the fact that i have *seen* it).

if you ever find a "bathroomwasher" let me know. i'm right there with you on that one for my wish-list.

also, your kids sound so cute!

keep up the "nothing" posts -- they're more amusing than a lot of things i've read. :-)

11:07 PM  
Blogger swissmiss said...

Exactly, who wants their clothes to last more than about two or three years anyway? Try telling that to some folks here though, they are BIG into quality and things lasting much longer than their intended life span. Sometimes I get wistful about pioneer days, thinking it would have been cool somehow then I remember about women dying in childbirth and children perishing from scarlett fever and then I am reassured that I am in the right time slice.

11:07 AM  
Blogger jmbmommy said...

I think that the tooth thing is just because we live in a country where if it isn't mandated to get into school some kids might never get certain health needs taken care of. got me I think that people should take care of their kids...I do think that people should have access to healthcare as well (how is that for a stump speech) I think we need a single-payer system!!!??? (I know getting political...but don't Americans need to be healthy?? How are kids going to learn in school with an abscessed tooth??)

And I am so thrilled for you about the dishwasher...I have now had mine for 8 years and I still refer to it as our "new" is the best, I never want to go your blog!!

10:00 PM  

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